About Red Nose Alert

clown coverRed Nose Alert is an anti-clown watchdog group created in the year [classified]. The group was created in response to real-life clown assaults, scares, and pranks happening all over America and the world.

Its job is to share information on how to assess, protect, and fight back against bozos, jokers, and clown sympathizers. When the crazy people with the big shoes come for you, fight back!

Find us on Twitter here.

Our comprehensive survival guide against clowns came out in September 2015, and is titled WHEN CLOWNS ATTACK: A SURVIVAL GUIDE. It is available everywhere books are sold, and was even mentioned by New York Magazine.

We recently wrote a column for Suvudu called “How to Protect Your Home When Clowns Attack.”

Contact RNA coordinator Chuck Sambuchino at chuck.sambuchino [at] fwmedia.com

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