8 Clown Names That Are Code For Drugs

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.21.12 AMWe all know clowns are drunks, but they’re also oftentimes drug addicts, and, in a sick joke, they often TELL YOU their drug of choice in their name? Don’t believe me? Check out these 8 common clown names, and see how the names have roots and origins in  the drug trade.

HAPPY: Any joker with this name is hooked on ecstasy.

POWDER: Standard nickname for a cocaine-dealing clown.

ANGEL: Although it’s so obviously code for angel dust (PCP), you commonly find clowns named Angel at little girls’ birthday and princess parties.

FUZZY: Clowns get this sobriquet because of their love of weed, kilos of which they can stash in those baggy pants.

SUNSHINE: Shortened name is code for “yellow sunshine” or “orange sunshine”—both variants of LSD. That bright swirly tie they always wear? Loaded and entirely lickable.

KIBBLES: Kibbles (or “Kib-Daddy,” as he prefers to be called) is your crack cocaine dealer of the mix. Commonly seen juggling flaming torches, this bozo always has a light.

SNIFF/SNIFFLES: Also a nickname for cocaine-loving bozos. Though where Powder traffics in uncut, Sniffles usually plies street-grade stuff know as “Sweet & Low.”

GIGGLES: Master of laughing gas/nitrous oxide. Brought in when civilians need subduing. Rarely seen without canisters and bags of balloons.


clown coverExcerpted from Red Nose Alert’s anti-clown
humor book, When Clowns Attack: A Survival Guide
(2015, Random House), which makes a great gift
for the clown-fearing friend in your life. The book may just save your life.

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